Really not much to say here. My current status is: no life. So I'm kind of on the look out for one... though not really, truth be told. Kind of boring. Mostly just reblogs here of anything that catches my eye. But I have learned how to crochet somewhat recently so in the occasional post I will showcase what I've made, mostly small creatures. Also other crafty things I do; they'll show up here as well.
That's about all I care to put here at the moment. Please, enjoy.
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I am making something right now (actually making three things verging on four right now but shhh) and its very small and very fiddly. (And oh my god why did I start it a 2am when I should be in bed reading Sherlock Holmes?) I’m probably gonna wish to stab my eyes out many many many times while making this, but it is already extremely awesome looking and I’m not even anywhere close to being done. I should also really go to bed now so night Tumblr.