Really not much to say here. My current status is: no life. So I'm kind of on the look out for one... though not really, truth be told. Kind of boring. Mostly just reblogs here of anything that catches my eye. But I have learned how to crochet somewhat recently so in the occasional post I will showcase what I've made, mostly small creatures. Also other crafty things I do; they'll show up here as well.
That's about all I care to put here at the moment. Please, enjoy.
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Hey look! Its Cthulhu!… Kind of.

I would had him done a few weeks ago but then I lost my hook so I had to wait until I found it or bought a new one. I found it the other day in the box where I keep my hooks and other related crochet stuff but it was under a flap so I couldn’t see it. >_> But I was happy to finally find it so I could finish him.

I got his body all done and stuff but then I started on his wings. His wings are stupid. Or I’m being really stupid for not understanding the pattern. I even went through the tutorial this person made for the winds part. Didn’t help. At all. They kept coming out weird so I said fuck it.

I could put him all together and just leave off the wings, but I really like them and I’m lazy and don’t want to try to find other ones with easier instructions. So he’s just gonna sit in my box, unfinished, until I have made his wings. >_>

And I found the pattern here.

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